Vigilante 8: Arcade will be available for download on Xboxlive starting November 5th. The game has obvious limits because it's downloadable but it's got a load of content packed into it nevertheless. The game was developed by Isopod Labs and Activision. I handled the characters, user interface, and the vector modeling of the vehicles and weapons. The characters etc. I did almost 2 years ago now, yeah it's been that long...
I did not do the website or layout contained within, so any flaws you find on either websites, I promise I'm not responsible :)

You can checkout the Activision official website for the game here|en_US|gameId:Vigilante8&brandId:Vigilante
and the full quality trailer here
It's a 70s version of myself :)
Up to 4 player split -screen and a total of 8 players per arena.
None of these people are me, in fact I haven't been able to play the game yet.
Some of the unlockable content.
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