Colab with Camilla D'Errico Camilla's been travelling all over the place lately so she didnt have a chance to do an original piece for our colab this time, so this design is based off her Mountainhead character but I met with her in Vancouver a few weeks back for an evening and we fully planned the idea. Probably the most planned colab I've ever done.
Funny part about this is that I lived in Vancouver for 4 years and never once met Camilla, we actually met at the Seattle Comicon a few months ago.
Anyway all the changes you see are by me, all digital. The painting had to be redrawn in Adobe Illustrator and then manipulated/edited/rerubed from there.
Original character based on Camilla's character and machinery, the rest of the characters are by me along with all of the detailing etc. and variations.
There are in fact 2 versions, one with the mask and one without... there is also a moustache version but nevermind that.
This will eventually be available on tees and prints.
I'll keep you updated.
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