Lessons in Leaving Your World Behind is a showcase of some of myfavorite work from the last 2-3 years. The showcase was presentedon December 3rd at Design Commission Gallery at 310 South Washington St.,Seattle, WA and  featured 25-30 pieces. Theshow consisted of current work along with some pieces that havenever been available before as prints. All pieces are for sale.There is also 3 Limited Edition framed prints for sale.

Opening night we already sold a number of pieces and the feedback was all positive. The show overall went great and the gallery was packed for most of the night.
I wasn't sure initially how people would respond to a solely digital show, but the response was excellent, that's all I could have asked for.

Thanks to all who attended and showed their support.
Thanks to Design Commission Gallery and big thanks to my Intern Eleanor Harvey and Matty Mitchell for the mural painting and show setup.
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