Client: Dead Astronauts
Art Direction: Jared K. Nickerson
Illustration & Design: Jthree Concepts
Female portrait based on photography by Julian Erksmeyer
Model: Kinga -Katarzyna Kamin
Special thanks to Glenn Arthur for upper body reference sketches on female portrait.

This is a collection of promo material and branding for my band Dead Astronauts. This was completed over the last 2-3 months and marks one of my largest repeating patterns to date.
The collection will be available as a promotional wallpack once our first single is available for purchase (later this year). Each individual typo element has been taken from various song lyrics I've written over the last year or so.

Dead Astronauts is:
Paul Aspin on production and mastering
Jared K. Nickerson on production, vocals and songwriting
Delores Kyle on backup vocals

Dead Astronauts are currently unsigned but will be distributed non-exclusively through Subtone Records later this year.

Prints, mobile device skins and tshirts available at Artsprojekt.

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