Full EP is now released and features 4 original songs by Dead Astronauts along with 4 remixes by the one and only Perturbator. Artwork by Glenn Arthur post production and design by Jthree Concepts. Character created by Glenn Arthur and Jared K. Nickerson . Full details and wallpack available over at Dead Astronauts.
The EP will be available on all major digital music platforms in the next 1-2 days, that includes iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Amazon, Spotify etc.)
The EP:
"Watch out, girl; Dead Astronauts are honest. They tell you like it is. Things like you don’t yet realize the destructive nature of love, the fires spreading everywhere, and your bones have left you with no one to hold. Oh, and also, stars explode. Their music is basically an icy cold hug of wisdom best consumed as a vampire smothering aid. 

This is DA’s freshman release on Nueva Forma; a reverent and true 80s inspired EP of eight lo-fi new wave tracks, four of which are Perturbator’s retrofuturistic synth remixes - reinventions, really - of the first four tracks. For instance, the original B-side track is a faux-haunting, melodramatic sort of dead-eyed sleepy jam. Pertubators’s remix has this sexy, swelling, cosmic void vibe. Two wild sides of the same righteous coin, if you ask us, so do yourself a solid and flip it. And just try not to notice Glenn Arthur's morbid-galactic album artwork while you’re at it."

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